You may have realised that I haven’t been the most active on this blog over the past few months. And that’s because I have been planning out a website.


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Heartbreak isn’t running away and starting fresh. 

isn’t losing yourself and spending a year finding it again. 

isn’t constant pain. 

Heartbreak is numb. 

is aching. 

is being happy for them even though you’re broken. 

is moving on. 

is not letting you define you. 

Nature Walk

This weekend I travelled down to Reading and spent the weekend with my best friend Phoebe. We decided on Saturday morning to go on a lovely walk around the lake on the University campus, feed the ducks and just enjoy the surroundings. And I wasn’t disappointed.



On my bucket list that I have put together for myself this year is to appreciate nature more and I definitely did that here. The surroundings were beautiful – yes the weather wasn’t the best (thank you, rain) – but apart from that, I definitely got to check a point off my bucket list.

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Myself and Phoebe also had a lot of fun feeding the ducks and thankfully I got loads of footage of this while we did. I actually conquered a fear of mine – ducks, birds, etc – and that really made it even more worthwhile. It was amazing to see so many different kinds of birds and I learned a lot about them thanks to Phoebe who’s currently studying animal science. (Why I enjoy going on adventures like this, so I can be told brand new information about animals).


This is probably the best picture I have ever taken. No joke.

The point of this blogpost was to share the walk myself and my bestie Phoebe went on, because I love nature. I’m a nature lover at heart, but I feel like I don’t appreciate it as much as it deserves. And while being on this walk, I reflected to myself about how I need to appreciate nature more; go on long walks, sit and watch the world go by, visit a rose garden, etc. All these things I’m going to check off my bucket list this year.

Now enjoy some random pictures from my weekend. 🙂



Diary Entries #2

Dear Diary,

Do you ever feel like you’re frozen while everyone around you is still moving? Like you could leave and the only thing that remains the same is you. It’s so annoying. I feel as if everyone has their lives pretty much put together like a puzzle piece, whereas mine are still jumbled up pieces on the floor, waiting to be figured out.

Nobody warns you when you’re young how difficult it is to choose what it is exactly you want to do. Nobody tells you that building your future requires you to start from rock bottom. And I’m still pretty much there – climbing up slowly and falling every few steps.



Let’s talk about… Music Snobs.

Everyone has an addiction. And mine is music. People that are around me for longer than five minutes will know that I am always either: singing, humming or listening to music. Music is a way of expressing emotions when words can’t fathom how I’m feeling, music is there for background entertainment when you’re with your loved ones, or it’s simply just there for you to sing and dance to. And one thing I can’t stand? Music snobs.

Definition: A person who believes s/he has a more refined taste in music and has much more knowledge in the field of music in general. Every song and genre is unacceptable unless the snob happens to like it, then it is absolute perfection. Music snobs feel obligated to enlighten everyone with unwelcome critiques and irrelevant musical trivia.

(A.K.A. My worst nightmare)

For me, music is an enjoyment. And one thing I love more than anything is being introduced to new music. And what I really cannot stand is when people will talk for so long about their favourite band/artist for as long as they want, but the second I try to make conversation about my favourite band/artist, they roll their eyes, cut the conversation short, and move back onto their topic. I. Absolutely. Hate. That.

I’m an open-minded person and am easily accepting to new things that I don’t understand. Even if I don’t agree, I will openly listen to it and then slowly come to terms with it. It’s very rare that I stop a person and tell them they’re wrong. But what I feel deeply strongly about is music. And when someone doesn’t have time to listen to me talk about new music from my favourite band, after I’ve spent the past 35 minutes listening to them talk endlessly about little moments that have happened over their career, their personal lives, and all about their time in the spotlight; I think it’s only polite to sit and do the same, right? Well, according to music snobs, no.

Music is something that should be categorised. Yes there are so many different genres of music; pop, rock, pop-rock, soul, indie, r&b, hip-hop, grunge, alternative, punk – just to name a few. But that doesn’t mean that you should be subjected to liking a certain genre of music and that genre alone. I, personally, love all kinds of genre and will happily put them altogether in a Spotify playlist and enjoy every single genre of choice. Because these are the artists and songs I like, and these are the songs I want to listen to.

Another thing that really niggles my brain, is people who can’t accept that artists grow up. And so do the fans. I’m aiming this mainly at boybands, because that’s always the biggest argument I have. I’ll be honest, I’m a big One Direction fan, and I’ll even openly admit that I was a fan when the boys were in The X Factor, then they came third place, and disappeared for a while. What Makes You Beautiful came out, and I thought, “oh okay. This isn’t too bad actually.” And then when they released more music, I sort of decided to give them a miss. Yes Harry Styles was still pretty, but I wasn’t into that music anymore. At this point, I was a sixteen year-old teenager, obsessed with bands like The Summer Set, The Secondhand Serenade, Hey Monday and various different bands. I had gone through different experiences which caused my choice of music to change with my emotions. I needed more than just pop songs singing about love and heartbreak. So I chose a different kinds of genre and those were the artists that helped me get through my tough times.

2015 I regained my love for One Direction, but the more I think about liking their music “again”, I couldn’t really put my finger on it. But then I thought about it again, I realised that since they released their second album, some of the songs were, alright, and then it was the third album that got me thinking, “okay so they’re not just some pop-py boybanders singing about the same old stuff.”

My point to this whole background on when I started liking One Direction, is that what people fail to see is, yes the boys used to be that typical teen boyband that sang songs all about teenage love, but they’ve grown up. They’re not teenage boys anymore – they’re men. Grown men singing about being in love, experiencing heartbreak; as well as singing about other personal experiences. And guess what? Their fans grew up too. They grew up with them. Yes there are still 13 year-old girls that are obsessed with them, but there are also adult fans that have been there since the beginning, who still love their music (which has matured as they have), and that’s okay. It’s okay and it’s not laughable or embarrassing. So why do people think it is?

Yet music snobs will snort and roll their eyes at the mention of people like One Direction. I don’t like artists that people I talk to like. Heck, most people I know have a newly founf obsession with Justin Bieber and I don’t understand it. But if you want to talk about his latest scandal and what’s been said about him online, then I am all ears. I’m interested in the music industry and what’s been leaked about people. I like to be in the know with everyone and keep on-top of everything. That’s just how I am. I don’t like his music, but like I say, you want to have a conversation about him? Then great! Let’s do it!

Music is supposed to be appreciated. Don’t judge people’s music choices. Just because you don’t like their music, doesn’t mean you that person doesn’t have the right to talk about them just like you did. You’re both equal, so treat people that way.

Diary Entries #1

Dear Diary,

The snow set on the ground last night, and I’m trying to write something poetic about it. But it’s impossible to write something beautiful, that’s already beautiful. Maybe that’s something I need to remember in the future: Why try find the perfect words to describe what’s in front of you, when it’s already perfect?


My Goodbye Letter To You

To the one I’ve pined over for too long,

I can’t do this anymore to myself. It’s not healthy for me. You’re not the one for me, because if you were, you’d be mine by now.

I want to feel free and happy; and not numb and sad. I want to talk to you about your life and how she makes you happy. I want you to be there when someone breaks my heart; so I have two people protecting me: the two amigos defending my side.

I can do this. I can finally cut the cord and set all this free. It’s time. This is my year and I refuse to spend another one pining over you again. Because it’s not worth all this pain.

I’m going to finally move on and find someone else to make me happy. Something you’ve never done, nor have you ever been allowed to.

To the one I’ve pined over for too long,